Bear Project "Transforming Bear"

In 2004 and 2005 there were frequent news of "bears appearing in villages, being captured, and eventually killed". It was reportedly the lack of wild fruits and berries due to the unseasonable summer weather that prompted the animals to come down from the mountains and look for food in inhabited areas.
It happened to be a time when I was becoming increasingly fascinated with primitive myths from the region between East Asia and North America, and I found the news of bears, which are supposed to symbolize the strength and wildness of nature, being easily killed rather shocking.
Bears, deer, whales, ravens, and other animals play central roles in myths. Animals turn into humans, or vice versa, and traverse two different realms of life. Back at the time when man was still a hunter and collector, he created a mythical universe different from the real world, and by living in both layers of his world at once he managed to maintain an exquisite harmony with nature. Myths present animals and humans as equivalent creatures, almost members of the same family. However, humans living today have thrown that harmony off balance, and to turn into animals has become as impossible for humans as it has for animals to transform into humans.
Most of the captured bears were not taken back to the mountains, but killed for the simple reason of posing a danger to humans.
Such asymmetrical relationship exists not only between man and nature, but also among humans. Friction and economical disparity between people of different races or religions is prevalent all around the globe these days.
I'm seeking to create a new, contemporary form of mythology, as I feel the need to introduce something that mediates and redresses the balance.

熊プロジェクト 「変身する熊」


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