In what kind of world are we living?
A look at yourself from a different perspective might obscure the area around your feet, and make you unable to see where exactly you are standing. It will make you suspect that your body and the ground it stands upon are indeed terribly questionable things.
Where do we have to go in order to encounter our true selves? A light push will open the window and give you a glimpse of your unknown alter ego – yourself on the other side, in another world.
Izanagi follows his dead sister-wife Izanami into the underworld, but shocked by the sight of her dead and cold body, he runs away and reenters the real world via a gentle slope that forms the borderline. In order to shake off the demons of the underworld that are following him, he divides the two worlds with a river of urine.
What I call "Hirasaka" refers not only to the realms of the living and the dead, but to the indistinct separating lines between past and future, and good and evil as well. I suppose that it is the vagueness of such blurry areas where people can make the very first encounters with their own true flesh and blood.



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